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Sweet PerilSweet Peril by Wendy Higgins
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I enjoyed the first book in this series so much (Sweet Evil) that I had to start listening to this one straight away. And it didn’t disappoint, in fact I think I liked it more than the first one. I should say there were a few minor things that annoyed me but the good things totally outweighed them. This book is all about the neph’s and their fathers and it takes us all around the world. Anna and her father have a plan and to make this plan happen, they need some allies and so Anna ends up flying around the world trying to convince other neph’s to help her out when the time came.
I was pleased to see that the twins, Blake, Cope and Kaiden were all back and I enjoyed watching their individual relationships with Anna. And while I really liked the sparks between Kaiden and Anna in the first book… in this book their relationship went to a whole new level! Talk about swoon!
There were a few near-misses and ‘crap-lets hide’ moments but overall, this book is like the background for book three – where I am expecting some serious thrills, spills and bloodshed.

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