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Fracture by Megan Miranda

FractureFracture by Megan Miranda
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book has a lot going for it. There is a bit of suspense, a bit of swoon, a few laughs and a few slightly scary ‘don’t go out side’ moments! It was an easy to read and turned out to be a page turner, rushing to find out what was happening. I connected with Delaney, to the point of talking to her throughout the book. ‘Delaney, don’t do that’…’Delaney, just tell him’….’Delaney, Delaney, Delaney..lock your doors and stay inside’! And I found Decker very nice, very cute, very reliable although slightly..shall we say..under the thumb. All in all though, this was a good read. There were a number of well written side characters who I either liked, or didn’t like but who stayed mostly in the background but Delaney’s voice was strong and I went through uncertainty, questioning everything and a feeling of being alone..at the same time as she did.
The story was all mostly tied up by the end and so I am feeling fairly satisfied with no gasps or sighs of ‘when is the next book coming out’.

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